Greige is In – Showcase Home

Surely you’re heard of greige right? It’s all the rage! This popular color is gracing everything you see these days, and doesn’t it look stunning here?

More than a barn

Sometimes the place you work has a tendency to become where you spend most of your time. If that’s the case and you roam the plains… you need “More than a barn”.

Warm Crystal – Showcase Home

Family Retreat – Showcase Home

Soft Forest Home – Showcase Home

Rustic Cabin – Showcase Home

A Summer’s Breeze – Showcase Home

Who says you can’t have an island paradise even if you’re land locked. This kitchen design brings you all the feeling of your dream home near the beach.

Warm & Cozy – Showcase Home

This home brings all the warm and comfort you’d expect to relax after a long day of working the land. It’s not just the large great room that makes it so wonderful, but the closeness it brings with the design.

Feels Like Home – Showcase Home

There’s just this feeling, a feeling like being home. This simple and well designed kitchen has all the feeling of being home. That familiar, close knit feeling that just makes you comfortable. Follow the link to view more photos.

Spacious Retreat – Showcase Home